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Logic Technologies has its core competence in Chip Level Repairs for all hardware components in Desktop/Personal Computers.

We are specialized in Motherboard repairs and have major strategic tie up with Motherboard manufacturers’ viz. Asustek, Gigabyte, ECS and Foxconn. Our logistics team monitors the SLA with customers, day in and day out and does their best to maintain the same.



Logic Technologies provides pre-screening of end user returned defective products in or out of OEM warranty – capturing Customer induced damage cases making warranty void, good units that would normally be returned to the OEM or ASP as defective. The NTF tests are performed as per OEM guidelines and on test equipment/ jigs as mandated. Good units are added to the swap stock, while defective units are sent for repairs or are returned to the OEM. It's the easiest and most cost-effective way to minimize the costs associated with unnecessary returns.

Customer induced damage cases help to reduce the losses on behalf of the OEM due to negligence from the retailer. All Service Centers provide first level screening of returned units based on skill levels.

Logic Technologies addresses a major challenge and expense for OEMs and Distributors in State moving and storing the parts and unit inventory across the state and completing the service cycle.




Logic Technologies provides technical support helpdesk services to some of the world’s leading IT and telecom companies. Logic Technologies has a track record of consistent delivery on world class service levels and scoring high customer satisfaction scores.

We have the ability to integrate remote Helpdesk with field support to offer an end-to-end solution for the entire customer service and support lifecycle.




Logic Technologies on-site services for end-users and enterprises integrated with its services helpdesk to provide integrated solution to ensure call closure. The On-site teams work closely with service centers in the designated area/city and the call center to ensure updation of services rendered. The teams are dedicated or shared as per client requirement.

Logic Technologies onsite services are designed to help its clients cost-effectively maintain and service their high availability, desktop/workgroup, networking and communications, and specialty equipment.Logic Technologies provides single toll free call logging facilities to the customers through its Helpdesk and keeps a track on hourly basis of the call closures. The teams are integrated with parts warehouses and depot service centers.

Logic Technologies Service Centers and associated field teams are trained to provide Installation Services for large volume installations of IT and networking equipments.




We offer annual maintenance services to our customers from different industrial segments. Our Annual Maintenance package ensures that you get the highest level of support and service, when you need it the most. We understand that your work can not come to a stand still while you wait for technical support and service.

Our technical support department provides prompt support by telephone and onsite support from a single source, where and when you need it. To that end, our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) ensures that your software is always supported and up to date.

We complement technology support with revenue generating services such as AMC sales, warranty upgrades, cross-sell and up-sell initiatives.




With our contact center located in India we have natural cost advantages. Our experience and expertise in trouble shooting the most intricate problems for the customers of major IT and IT services companies have given us a pool of technically skilled manpower capable of rectifying the most complex of hardware and software problems.


Chip Level Repair

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Third Party Tech Support services

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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

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